Bar Staff Wanted

We are now recruiting part time bar staff for the Auctioneers Arms. Successful applicants will be required to work an average of 20hrs per week, mornings, afternoons and evening with a view to starting early May 2018 ( date is yet to be confirmed). The rota is to be agreed following the selection of staff. Bar experience is “essential”

This will be a temporary appointment which will be reviewed in two months time.

Applicants need to apply in writing to

Share Certificates

The Share Certificates have now been drafted in preparation for the “Investors Evening” which we are hoping to announce over the next few weeks. All investors are now required to provide the full name of the person who owns the shares. This will be the name of the person on the share certificate and must be of 18yrs+.

Please consider whether you require one certificate to cover the full amount of the shares or if you require individual certificates. EG; one person may have purchased £1000.00 worth of shares and only requires 1 x certificate with one name detailing 4 x shares at £250/share. Alternatively this could be issued as 4 x certificates with 4 x separate names detailing £250/share.

Please email your details to


The refurbishment programme is nearing completion and the pub is looking great! We apologise for the delay but I’m sure you can appreciate we have had to rely on a dedicated team of volunteers to assist us with the refurbishment and the Steering Group who have managed to get us this far has had to manage the budget (your money) to ensure that it has been spent wisely.
The main delay has been due to the unforeseen problems  we have experienced with the boiler which has had to be completely replaced, setting the programme back a few weeks. Despite this we are confident that you all we be extremely impressed with what has been achieved under the circumstances.
We will be inviting all shareholders to a special investors evening at your newly, refurbished pub prior to the official opening date which will be announced shortly.

Once again, thank you for your patience.


Investors still welcome

Thanks for all your support
Caverswall Community Society (CCS)

Further updates and progress reports will be made here and via our facebook page as well as regular twitter updates.