Look inside the Auctioneers

All investors are invited to come and take a look inside the Auctioneers Arms this Sunday, 7th Jan 2018 from 14:00hrs. This is an opportunity to “look at the old” before “the new” and to meet members of the Steering Group who will be planning the initial refurbishment work which is to be carried out prior to opening in the Spring.
All investors are welcome.


On the 5th January 2018 Caverswall Community Society have completed the purchase of our very own community pub “The Auctioneers Arms”

Congratulations to all who have been involved in this great achievement and in particular to all of our investors who have enabled this project to be a success.  You are now the proud “Co-Owners”  of your very own community pub!
Your support and patience has finally paid off.

Now for the next stages:-

The pub will  remained closed for approx 10-12 weeks to enable the initial refurbishment work to be completed. It is our intention to hold an investors evening in the pub prior to the official opening whereby each investor will receive their personal share certificate.  There will be local media coverage over the next few weeks to celebrate and promote our success.

Further updates and progress reports will be made here www.caverswallcommunitysociety.co.uk and  via our facebook page as well as regular twitter updates. 

Email:  getinvolved@caverswallcommunitysociety.co.uk if you need to contact us.

Kind Regards